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Short dance film Walking to Birth 2022

Filed in Film | Posted by Satya on January 10, 2011

Walking to Birth is a short dance film in which a heavily pregnant woman searches for a place to bring her baby into the world.
The film is set in a forest with large trees.
She is directed by nature from one place to another.
By moving she is helping the child in her womb to find the way to earth.
She walks and dances with roots, trunks and branches of the trees.
They serve as a foothold, as resistance and support.
When her water breaks, it starts to rain.
The time has come.

Mother/ dancing: Satya Roosens
Baby in belly: Aaron
Father/ filming: Kurt Demey
Editing: Anaïs Dyckmans
Music composition and production: Ananta Roosens
Production: Studio Eclipse

Thanks to Sil van der Woerd and Peter Whiterose


-Finalist The Outlet Dance Project 20st of October 2022 Hamilton, NJ

Short dance film Two sink, three float 2011


– Festival Urzeciadedanca

Mostra Itinerante MIVSC

8th of November 2014

Sao Carlos – Brasil

– EXPOSITION ‘ Out of Balance’

Opening 5th of November 2014

Destelheide, Belgium

Topanga Film Festival

Best Dance Short Coveted Coyote Award

18th of July 2014

Topanga CA, US

– Festival Urzeciadedanca

Universidade Federal de Sao Carlos – UFSCar

17th – 19th July 2014


Festival DANCE@30FPS at Ohio State University

20st of March 2014

Ohio, US

Ikono Pool (video) dance special

Berlin, Germany

19th of October 2013.

– Tenth Annual Sans Souci Festival of Dance Cinema

Colorado, USA

20st and 21st of September, 4th of December 2013

Dance for Camera programme from DANCE:FILM 11 at dance festival

Leicester, England

19th of May 2013

-12th Annual Dance Camera West Dance Media Film Festival,

 Los Angeles, CA

May 2nd-5th, 2013

World Arts Film Festival at the Museum of Contemporary Art

Jacksonville, FLORIDA

April 11-13, 2013

The European Independent Film Festival

 Action Christine, 4 Rue Christine  75006 Paris

Sunday March 31st from 10:00 – 14:00

– 20th Quinzena de Dança de Almada – Contemporary Dance Festival

Almada, Portugal

the 22nd September and 5th October, 2012

REELDANCE presents Dance on Screen

Carriageworks, Sydney

16th of August

– Festival International de Vidéo Danse de Bourgogne

Cinéma Le Morvan au Creusot, Bourgogne, France

11th of May

– Festival Conderdance – inextricably linked – Tempe Center for the Arts

700 West Rio Salado Parkway , Tempe, Arizona, USA

14th of April 2012 @ 2:00p + 8:00pm

– Festival International du Film sur l’Art (FIFA) Québec, Canada

24th of March 2012

LOIKKA dance film festival, Helsinki, Finland

24th and 25th of March 2012

– 2012 San Francisco Dance Film Festival, San Francisco, United-States

– 17th of March 2012


24th and 25th of November 2011

DANCE: FILM 11 Edinburgh, Scotland, UK

19th of November 2011

– Pool Festival Eden Berlin, Germany

15th untill 17th of September 2011

Satya Roosens produces performances which play mostly outside with the focus on movement in specific locations.

In 2010 Studio Eclipse was established to create performances like this.

In 2009/2010 she created the piece ‘Two sink, three float’, where the dancers become creatures that move in water in the middle of the nature. The only way to experience this performance is from the banks of the water, which means the audience misses the entire underwater dance.

This brought Satya to the idea to make a film in which the different underwater scenes are shown and bring a different perspective.

This is how the short film ‘Two sink, three float’ arose. It can be played at filmfestivals or can be shown after the performance.


Satya Roosens

Dancers :

Mirte Courtens, Simon Thomas-Train, Satya Roosens


Giovanni di Domenico


Kurt Demey

Construction platform:

Colin Kassies


Rosalie Spruijt

Underwater film works :

Frans De Backer


Tom Syryn


Swa Desmet Aquasport Deurne

With support:

Geert Mangelschots TREZART, Recreatiedomein Zilvermeer

Thanks to:

Kurt Demey, Sil van der Woerd and Fabien Gruau