Studio Eclipse

Artistic Productions


56Satya Roosens

Dancer and choreographer

Satya from Belgium works with Studio Eclipse since the beginning.

She produces performances which play mostly outside with the focus on movement. She created the performance Two Faces in 2008 on a farm with animals. She also choreographed the performance ‘Two sink, three float’ in 2009/2010, and is dancing herself in this watery performance. She dances with the Company Ex-Nihilo in France since 2006, participated in the creations Trajet de ville, Nal Boa, and a new creation ‘In Paradise’.

Workshops and classes are announced on her website.



Two Faces
Photo: Joris Hol

Mirte Courtens


Mirte is Dutch and has worked with choreographers such as Katharina Conradi of The Netherlands, Robert Poole of Linz, Fabian Chyle of Stuttgart and Martin Butler of The Netherlands as well as others. She participated in the earlier performance ‘Two Faces’ created by Satya and is dancing now in the creation ‘Two sink, three float’. She organises a new festival each year in Amsterdam called Why not!





Photo: Kurt Demey

Estelle Delcambre


The Belgian Estelle will work for the new production ‘Fallen thoughts’ of Studio Eclipse. She will also replace Mirte Courtens who’s pregnant in ‘Two sink, three float’.

She danced for Ann van den Broek in 2005 for the performances “FF+REW 60.00” and “E19(richting San José)”, in 2008 she met Jens van Daele, where she dances “Sloth”,“Superbia”, “Battre à trois” and “Battre le fer”. In 2010 she created the duo “Madriguera” with Ivan Fatjo.



Photo: Dominique Villy

Christophe Degelin


This Belgian dancer has done several educations like Angers CNDC, D.A.N.C.E (Dance Apprentice Network aCross Europe), Rudra Béjart and has professional experiences with choreographers like Flamand, Forsythe, McGregor, Preljocaj,..

Christophe is dancing in the performance ‘Two sink, three float’.



 Femke Luyckx


Femke is Belgian, professional dancer and aerial acrobat in the show ‘Fallen Thoughts’.

Previously she danced in Youth Dance Theatre Plankenkoorts, The Dutch Opera, De Vlaamse Opera, Amsterdam Dance Company and Studio Eclipse.

In The Dutch Opera, she assists choreographers Amir Hossein Pour and Jonathan Lunn. At the  Atlas Festival and the Dutch Opera she’s a stage manager, at Close Act Theatre a technician.

Femke already danced with the choreographer Satya Roosens in a previous production ‘Two Faces’.


Photo: Studio Eclipse

Kurt Demey

Visual Artist

Kurt was born in Belgium. He completed his education for art in public spaces at FAIAR in Marseille, France in 2009.

He uses different disciplines for his work: Visual art, poetry, theater, mentalism and magic in the public space.

His last works are: ‘Met m’n hoofd in een boom’, ‘Gehoornde Man’ and his new creation

‘La ville qui respire’.

He is responsible for the unpredictable visual elements in the creation of

‘Two sink, three float’.


Two faces
Photo: Jef Rabillon

Ananta Roosens

Musician (violin, trumpetviolin, vocals and trumpet)

She is specialised in Argentinian tango and works often in Buenos Aires.

She has her own band, called  ‘La sieste du dromadaire’ and did a theatre tour with Thé Lau in Belgium and The Netherlands.

On the North Sea Jazz festival, she played with Ibrahim Ferrer.

In 2010 – 2011 she is on a world tour with Gotan project.

For ‘Two Faces’, Ananta created the music herself on violin and voice.

Photo: Gisella Sorrentino

Giovanni di Dominico


Giovanni was born in Rome, but has lived for several years in Brussel.

He has played together with, among others, Arve Henriksen, Fred Lomberg-Holm, Alexandra Grimal and the group Tetterapadequ.

He has composed for short films and works often for the Danish dance group [WEGO].

He composed the soundscape for ‘Two sink, three float’.





Photo: Patrick Nahr
Photo: Patrick Nahr

Rosalie Spruijt

Textile Designer

Rosalie works and lives in Amsterdam.

She studied at the Royal Academy of Visual Arts, Department of Textile.

She currently works at the Dutch Opera.

Rosalie advised Satya on the costumes for the earlier creation, ‘Two faces’, and has adapted and reworked the costumes for ‘Two sink, three float’.






Elena Werner – Photo: Patrick Nahr

Elena Werner
Costume Designer
Elena Werner followed the education fashion -and textile design at the university of Buenos Aires, Argentina and she finished her studies as a costume designer at the Royal Academy for The Arts in Sint- Niklaas, Belgium. She contributed to productions of the Flemish Opera, De Munt and Maurice Béjart. She also worked as employee with Dries Van Noten. Elena will make the costumes for the new project of Studio Eclipse ‘Fallen Thoughts’.





Yves Fauchon

Yves Fauchon

Aerial technics

After a successful training (degree in physical education option climbing) and working on land, with the cooperation of Doussaint Pierre Isabelle Dubouloz Michele Cacouault, Kofi Coco, Carlotta Ikeda, Laura Nercy, Bruno Dizien, Gigi Caciuleanu … he participates as a dancer, choreographer and technician, and choreographic creations in the air at several Compagnies. Along with this artistic work, he conducts educational activities in various countries, in order to share this experience in the air. He will participate in the creation Fallen Thoughts to hang elastics in the trees.



Colin Kassies

Colin Kassies

Platform constructor

Colin comes from the Netherlands and has worked for different companies such as Naked people being dressed, Vis a Vis, Dogtroep, Dimenzie, Das Letzte Kleinod and Anouk van Dijk, among others.

He designed and constructed the floating platform used by Studio Eclipse in their new production ‘Two sink, three float’.







Fabien Gruau
Fabien Gruau

Jerónimo García


Jerónimo grew up in Santa Fe, Argentina, where he organized projects for the neighborhood.

For these projects he used theater, clowning, puppet theater and also worked directing festivals.

Currently he is working in Europe and for Studio Eclipse.





Dries Mees

Dries Mees

Lighting design

Dries is a new member of the Studio Eclipse team. As a lighting technician his task was to transform the day version of ‘Fallen Thoughts’ into an evening performance. By playing with light and shadow he was able to create different atmospheres for the performance.