Creation 2017


This multidisciplinary performance is a journey through time and space where ‘Here and now’ seems to be an endless game with the universe as their playground. The Suns and celestial bodies are inserted randomly creating a universe for their journey. They travel in a ‘time lapse’ evolution of a planet and its habitants, showing how human development determines its own future from within our minds.

With each step in this unknown sisters Satya and Ananta seek some answers from the galaxy.

They come from the same planet and have grown in the same belly. Theirs is a performance about the truth of eternity. With music and dance as their tools they explore each other’s influences. Movement is sound.

Sound is movement. Rhythm is their world and rhythm makes the dance.

The art of Satya and Ananta is an ode to our worldly lives lived outside our familiar cosmos.

– Performance for indoors as well as outdoors
– From 6 years on
– 3 persons on tour
– 35 minutes
– 250 persons as audience
Dance and music: Satya and Ananta Roosens
Art of sound: Robbe Kieckens
Dramatic advise: Alexander Wolfram
Partners: Theater op de Markt (B),  CC Wolubilis (B), CC Den Blank (B)

Support: De Auteurs


Creation ‘Trapped Inside’ 2014-2016


Contemporary dance performance with film

A wandering soul can’t resist the urge to try and fill the voids of life, gasping for satisfaction. Mountains and valleys whirl past in a long quest. Music embraces the event. The landscape fills with white boxes that come to pictorial life. One after the other they turn out to contain emptiness. The tension rises with the last box. Does she dare to open it? What if this one contains emptiness too? In a stream of vicious dance movements she manipulates spaces and objects and plays with unknown fantasies.


24th of November – 7th of December 2014 Circuscentrum Vlaanderen, Gent, Belgium

23rd until 27th of February 2015 PC Dommelhof, Theater op de Markt, Neerpelt, Belgium

1st until 12th of April 2015 CC De Warande, Turnhout, Belgium

13th until 19th of April 2015 CC Den Blank, Overijse, Belgium

4th until 7th of August 2015 CC Den Blank, Overijse, Belgium

23rd until 27th of September Destelheide, Dworp, Belgium

5th until 9th of October 2015 PC Dommelhof, Neerpelt, Belgium

30st of November until 4th of December 2015 deWarande, Turnhout, Belgium

1 until 3rd of February 2016 La Roseraie, Brussels, Belgium

22nd of February until 1st of March 2016 CC Wolubilis, Brussels, Belgium


25th of April 2015 CC Den Blank, Overijse, Belgium

9th of October PC Dommelhof, Neerpelt, Belgium

4th of December deWarande, Turnhout, Belgium


8, 9, 10 april 2016 Festival ‘Gevleugelde Stad‘, Ieper, België


Dance /choreography: Satya Roosens

Media design: Isjtar Junior

Images and illusion techniques: Kurt Demey

Creation lights: Tim Oelbrandt

Dramaturgy: Juliane von Crailsheim

Dance coach: Riina Huhtanen

Music: Ananta Roosens

Technical help: Jeronimo Garcia

Audio: Annelien Van Heymbeeck

Costume: Satya Roosens

Subvention: Government of Flanders 2014

Co-production: Theater op de Markt, Neerpelt, Belgium

Support to the creation: Circuscentrum Vlaanderen, CC De Warande, CC Den Blank, Beeldenstorm, CC Wolubilis, La Roseraie






Art in nature (creation 2012)

Photo: Pierre Rigo

Photo: Pierre Rigo


A world of your own, a thought of your own, a place of your own

from where you seek an encounter, something to share, while losing yourself.

A leap into the unknown, the uncertain, into the depths.

And then … discover, long for the other … there …. on the other side

Wondering which path you are now on and where it will lead you.

recognition, admiration, intimidation.
Too confrontational, too close and too early?
You return safely back to the familiar
to that place for yourself
your  own thought

your own world




‘Fallen thoughts’ symbolises in a visual form thoughts that fall, people who fall, situations you encounter, and all from a different perspective.

The members of the audience lie next to each other on the ground in a circle around the trunk of a big, strong, tree. They look up into the crown of this large tree. There is life in this tree.

There are characters sitting in the branches and one by one they fall from the tree, but remain suspended just above your head. Like dead animals, they do not move. Like bats they hang on the branches, like geckos they stick to the trunk, like cats they run over your legs and like moths they fly past you.

It is a kind of game in the air, an experience where everything is viewed upside down. The inverted truth of a reality.
One moment the artists are moving as light as a feather and the next they remain clinging to the trunk and climb up or down. Encountering each other in the air, creating a game that the audience can see as it looks up. The interplay between the characters is a relational exchange like that between sisters, friends, competitors and rivals. A passing flash of light generates a sudden reaction from the mover. It is a sort of pursuit. These ingredients create a mystical atmosphere.
The interaction with the audience lying on the ground is a part of the performance. The actors use the people on the ground, watching them, touching them and walking on them like cats.

A dynamic in sound and movement, like a spectacle that can be observed from very close up.
Music comes from on high. Amidst the branches sits a musician.

Foto Edwin de Jongh


Concept, choreography and dance: Satya Roosens

Created with dancer: Estelle Delcambre

Stand-in: Femke Luyckx

Music: Ananta Roosens (violin, trumpet & loops)

Scenography: Kurt Demey

Technic and rigging: Yves Fauchon

Light director: Dries Mees

Costumes: Elena Werner

Co-productions : L’Abattoir/Chalon dans la Rue, Chalon-sur-Saône, France and Theater op de Markt/PC Dommelhof, Neerpelt, Belgium

With help from : CNAR Citron Jaune / Ilotopie, Port Saint-Louis, France and Trezart, Belgium

Subvention : Flamish Governement

Duration : 35 min.

Date creation of the performance : 2012

Artistic genre : dance in nature

Première France: Chalon dans la Rue IN 2013

Residences 2012

6 – 18 February at Dommelhof, Neerpelt (Belgium)
19 February-  2 March at L’abattoir, Chalons-sur-Soâne (France)
2-13 April at Citron Jaune, Port Saint-Louis (France)
13th of April: Sortie d’Atelier, Port Saint-Louis (France)
17-29 April at Zilvermeer TREZART, Mol (Belgium)
8-19 October at L’abattoir, Chalons-sur-Soâne (France)
18 October Sortie de Chantier, Chalons-sur-Soâne (France)
Try-outs 2012

31 May, 1,2,3 June 2012 Tuin der Lusten, (The Netherlands)

9 untill 12 August 2012 Theater op de Markt, Hasselt, (Belgium)

8 and 9 September 2012 Internationaal Straatkunsten Festival TREZART, Mol, (Belgium)


DANCE IN NATURE Creation 2008/2009

Performance ‘Two Faces’



A dance solo with a goat


The goat and the girl lived together forever.

They can rely on rhythm and habits.

When that changes suddenly, everything gets pulled

out of balance and exhibits the goat, and the girl.

During the dance solo an intimacy and vulnerability

of the character is shown. Accompanied on violin.




Concept: Satya Roosens

Dancer: Mirte Courtens

Live music: Ananta Roosens

Dramaturgic Advise: Klaus Jürgen.


De Tuin der Lusten NL, July 2008

Co-producers, residences


DANCE IN NATURE Creation 2009/2010


A trio with dance and visual theatre

The water as unkown, depth, subconcious

lets things float or sink

On this thin membrane between top and bottom

one is taken into a surreal and visual story

Three characters find their balance on a platform, amongst themselves

with the elements

There is an underworld

a world under, which we do not see

It is not shown on the surface

or is it?


The audience takes their place at the edge of the water. On the water is a platform. Three dancers take the audience with them into their own world, where other realities are constructed, above and below the surface of the water.

Thus, the evidence of breathing is questioned and turned on its head. In the performance the dancers create the illusion that they can breathe under water. The realistic surroundings gets transformed by dance and movement into a surreal entity.

The dance is situated above and below the water’s surface; in the water and on the platform.

The platform is a symbol for the perceptible, the conscious, the known. The water symbolizes the protected, unconscious, unreachable. Objects appear on the surface. Wet bodies are dragged onto the floating platform. The body, half in the water; physical meetings and a figure that disappears instantly.

The performance is built around three characters, two women and one man, who behave differently towards each other and towards their surroundings. The audience is brought into a recognizable game of humans behaviors. letting go, keeping close and leaving behind.

Through movement the three performers translate this unknown amphibious environment.

The audience enters a certain atmosphere, an atmosphere where the natural world becomes a necessary part of the whole. It’s as if the audience simply passes, on their way to somewhere else. It seems that you catch a glimpse of a world that is always there, hidden from sight .

The underlying tension of the movement material comes from the physical possibilities and limitations that the water and the platform impose.

Inspiration is taken from the water, wetness, depth, weightlessness, dry land, breath and nessecity.

Photo: Delphine Bertrand


Concept and choreography: Satya Roosens

Dancers: Mirte Courtens / Estelle Delcambre, Christophe Degelin, Satya Roosens

Visual artist: Kurt Demey

Technician: Jeronimo Garcia

Constructor: Colin Kassies

Composer: Giovanni di Domenico

Dramaturgic Advise: Klaus Jürgen

Textile Designer: Rosalie Spruijt

Stage: Mael Palu (FAIAR)


Citron Jaune, Ilotopie FR, April 2010
Provinciaal Domein Dommelhof B, April, May, June 2010
De Tuin der Lusten NL, July 2009
Internationaal Straatkunstenfestival B, May, June, September 2009

Co-producers, residencies, sponsor and subsidy

More photos by

Joris Hol

Jeanmichel Coubart


Film Two sink, three float at Festival


– Festival Urzeciadedanca

Mostra Itinerante MIVSC

8th of November 2014

Sao Carlos – Brasil

– EXPOSITION ‘ Out of Balance’

Opening 5th of November 2014

Destelheide, Belgium

Topanga Film Festival

Best Dance Short Coveted Coyote Award

18th of July 2014

Topanga CA, US

– Festival Urzeciadedanca

Universidade Federal de Sao Carlos – UFSCar

17th – 19th July 2014


Festival DANCE@30FPS at Ohio State University

20st of March 2014

Ohio, US

Ikono Pool (video) dance special

Berlin, Germany

19th of October 2013.

– Tenth Annual Sans Souci Festival of Dance Cinema

Colorado, USA

20st and 21st of September, 4th of December 2013

Dance for Camera programme from DANCE:FILM 11 at dance festival

Leicester, England

19th of May 2013

-12th Annual Dance Camera West Dance Media Film Festival,

 Los Angeles, CA

May 2nd-5th, 2013

World Arts Film Festival at the Museum of Contemporary Art

Jacksonville, FLORIDA

April 11-13, 2013

The European Independent Film Festival

 Action Christine, 4 Rue Christine  75006 Paris

Sunday March 31st from 10:00 – 14:00

– 20th Quinzena de Dança de Almada – Contemporary Dance Festival

Almada, Portugal

the 22nd September and 5th October, 2012

REELDANCE presents Dance on Screen

Carriageworks, Sydney

16th of August

– Festival International de Vidéo Danse de Bourgogne

Cinéma Le Morvan au Creusot, Bourgogne, France

11th of May

– Festival Conderdance – inextricably linked – Tempe Center for the Arts

700 West Rio Salado Parkway , Tempe, Arizona, USA

14th of April 2012 @ 2:00p + 8:00pm

– Festival International du Film sur l’Art (FIFA) Québec, Canada

24th of March 2012

LOIKKA dance film festival, Helsinki, Finland

24th and 25th of March 2012

– 2012 San Francisco Dance Film Festival, San Francisco, United-States

– 17th of March 2012


24th and 25th of November 2011

DANCE: FILM 11 Edinburgh, Scotland, UK

19th of November 2011

– Pool Festival Eden Berlin, Germany

15th untill 17th of September 2011

Satya Roosens produces performances which play mostly outside with the focus on movement in specific locations.

In 2010 Studio Eclipse was established to create performances like this.

In 2009/2010 she created the piece ‘Two sink, three float’, where the dancers become creatures that move in water in the middle of the nature. The only way to experience this performance is from the banks of the water, which means the audience misses the entire underwater dance.

This brought Satya to the idea to make a film in which the different underwater scenes are shown and bring a different perspective.

This is how the short film ‘Two sink, three float’ arose. It can be played at filmfestivals or can be shown after the performance.


Satya Roosens

Dancers :

Mirte Courtens, Simon Thomas-Train, Satya Roosens


Giovanni di Domenico


Kurt Demey

Construction platform:

Colin Kassies


Rosalie Spruijt

Underwater film works :

Frans De Backer


Tom Syryn


Swa Desmet Aquasport Deurne

With support:

Geert Mangelschots TREZART, Recreatiedomein Zilvermeer

Thanks to:

Kurt Demey, Sil van der Woerd and Fabien Gruau