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Creation 2012

Photo: Pierre Rigo
Photo: Pierre Rigo


A world of your own, a thought of your own, a place of your own

from where you seek an encounter, something to share, while losing yourself.

A leap into the unknown, the uncertain, into the depths.

And then … discover, long for the other … there …. on the other side

Wondering which path you are now on and where it will lead you.

recognition, admiration, intimidation.
Too confrontational, too close and too early?
You return safely back to the familiar
to that place for yourself
your  own thought

your own world


‘Fallen thoughts’ symbolises in a visual form thoughts that fall, people who fall, situations you encounter, and all from a different perspective.

The members of the audience lie next to each other on the ground in a circle around the trunk of a big, strong, tree. They look up into the crown of this large tree. There is life in this tree.

There are characters sitting in the branches and one by one they fall from the tree, but remain suspended just above your head. Like dead animals, they do not move. Like bats they hang on the branches, like geckos they stick to the trunk, like cats they run over your legs and like moths they fly past you.

It is a kind of game in the air, an experience where everything is viewed upside down. The inverted truth of a reality.
One moment the artists are moving as light as a feather and the next they remain clinging to the trunk and climb up or down. Encountering each other in the air, creating a game that the audience can see as it looks up. The interplay between the characters is a relational exchange like that between sisters, friends, competitors and rivals. A passing flash of light generates a sudden reaction from the mover. It is a sort of pursuit. These ingredients create a mystical atmosphere.
The interaction with the audience lying on the ground is a part of the performance. The actors use the people on the ground, watching them, touching them and walking on them like cats.

A dynamic in sound and movement, like a spectacle that can be observed from very close up.
Music comes from on high. Amidst the branches sits a musician.

Photo: Edwin de Jongh


Concept, choreography and dance: Satya Roosens

Created with dancer: Estelle Delcambre

Stand-in: Femke Luyckx

Music: Ananta Roosens (violin, trumpet & loops)

Scenography: Kurt Demey

Technic and rigging: Yves Fauchon

Light director: Dries Mees

Costumes: Elena Werner

Co-productions : L’Abattoir/Chalon dans la Rue, Chalon-sur-Saône, France and Theater op de Markt/PC Dommelhof, Neerpelt, Belgium

With help from : CNAR Citron Jaune / Ilotopie, Port Saint-Louis, France and Trezart, Belgium

Subvention : Flamish Governement

Duration : 35 min.

Date creation of the performance : 2012

Artistic genre : dance in nature

Première France: Chalon dans la Rue IN 2013