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 New project ‘TRAPPED INSIDE’ played it’s première at Gevleugelde Stad at Ieper in Belgium on the 8th, 9th and 10th of April 2016.







We still play this performance in a tree!



‘Fallen Thoughts’ ( day and night version) had about 30 performances in Belgium, The Netherlands, Italy, Switzerland, France and Australia.

The audience experiences the performance lying down under a tree. Two dancers and a musician perform each time in a different tree.


Studio Eclipse is a company to cherish. They exhibit professionalism and at the same time they stay with both feet on the ground. Except in ‘Fallen Thoughts’ of course …

© De Serrist, Overijse

 Originating from Belgium, this aerial ballet from company Studio Eclipse stopped time …

© Midi Libre Alès

TWo test video



‘Two sink, three float’ did about 140 performances in Belgium, Poland, Germany, France,England, Sweden, Denmark, Korea, The Netherlands, Poland and Italy.

On and in the water the dancers appeared and disappeared. The audience beheld this performance from the shore.



Coming from Belgium Studio Eclipse serves its fantastic water show

‘Two sink, three float” on Sunday that brought together a large audience.

©Karolina Pacewicz, Gdansk

We have had several screenings for our under water film ‘Two sink, three float’.





Our performances are done with respect to nature.


Photo: Delphine Bertrand


Photo: Kurt Demey

This was an after effect after our first public try-out of ‘Fallen Thoughts’ at Citron Jaune, Port Saint-Louis, FR.



We got subsidy from the Flemish Governement for all the creations.